Annalena Fröhlich works within a wide reaching spectrum of composition, choreography, performance   

 and visual experimentation. She creates surreal sceneries between everyday life and disaster, where she 

 manages to provoke an individual, whimsical-melancholic aesthetic, that runs like a red thread through 

 her entire oeuvre and invites the audience to immerse themselves in a questioned world and position. 

PARK takes place in the vicinity of an amusement park, behind the glittering façade. The boisterous human masses on the site of the nearby park, a cacophony of laughter, show booths, machine noise, and disco tracks are clearly audible. But the audience sees something else. The audience is backstage, and what it sees and what it hears does not match. Sound and image are strangely contrasted. What is absent dominates the action, and the displacement of image and sound creates a strange and idiotic gap. 

the disappearance of green(SOLO)

 sonder is supported by the Brussels based  

 Artistic research and production  

 Plattform  arp: 

BAND with Fhunyue Gao

Music for  Peeping Tom

 Sounds for  

 the hidden Floor  

 (NDT Nederlands Dance Theater)  

 choreografy: Frank chartier  


 KIND by Peeping Tom 

 «Of course we are challenging nature itself and it

 hits back. And that’s grandios about it.» Werner Herzog 

 Distant echoes of extinct animals and a hopeless

 attempt to recreate long forgotten moments.