Annalena Fröhlich

works within a wide reaching spectrum of composition, choreography, performance and visual experimentation. Fröhlich revokes a media-specific limitation and makes a playful and intuitive use of all available artistic means. She creates surreal sceneries between everyday life and disaster, where she manages to provoke an individual, whimsical-melancholic aesthetic, that runs like a red thread through her entire oeuvre. Fröhlich is interested in transmitting states of being visible and audible. Her artistic practice includes extensive research in the fields of sound, video, scenic installations, movement and performance. Although Fröhlich is a solo artist, her oeuvre is often shaped by collaborations with fellow artists from all over the world and moves internationally in the underground as well as the institutionalised art scene. Her diverse and captivating universe generates wide interest and celebrates international success.

She collaborates and works for and with Institutions and companies such as (a.o.): Peeping Tom; Fhunyue Gao, Romy Springsguth, Dance DivineMary gyselbrecht, Robin Adams, Yara Bou Nassar, Paed Conca, Claudia Bossard, Moritz Alfons, Mohamed Toukabri, Matthias Günter, Moni Wespi, MERZ, Yannick Mosimann, Odd Beholder, Nederlands Dance Theater NDT.

Coproduced by: Dampfzentrale, Bern; Decoratelier, Brussels; Theater Basel; Staatstheater Darmstadt; Roxy Theater Basel; Ballhaus Ost, Berlin; Station, Beirut; Espace Libre, Bienne.


Annalena Fröhlich lives and works in Brussels and is represented by the Brussels based production andresearch platform arp: (Julia Reist).





Annalena Fröhlich first studied piano and voice at Jazz school in Lucerne. She left school after just one year to pursue an autodidactic education. In the following years, she developed her multidisciplinary artistic practice and explored it further in residencies in Brussels, Beirut, New York and Buenos Aires. In 2014, she obtained a Master in Theater with a specialisation in Scenic Arts Practice at HKB, Berne. Together with dancer and choreographer Nina Stadler, she is the co-founder and artistic director of the ensemble deRothfils, with whom she has been celebrating national and international success since 2010. Since the last production «PARK» Annalena Fröhlich took over the sole direction of deRothfils. Fröhlich's film director's debut "they keep disappearing" with deRothfils premiered in March 2018 at «Cinedans Dance On Screen Festival» in Amsterdam. In 2016 she started an intense collaboration with Fhunyue Gao. Together they initiated ROBIN ROBIN, a performative platform that enables them to experiment with movement, light, film, sound and scenic installations. With the band J.A.W.I.S. they tour the alternative electronic music scene. Fröhlich creates live DJ sets and is present in the Belgian nightlife with her alter ego JAMES. With theatre director Claudia Bossard she is in an ongoing collaboration as video and sound artists. The works are shown at Theater Basel, Staatstheater Darmstadt, Theatertage Kassel, Kosmos Theater Wien.

Annalena Fröhlich received a scolarship for composition by the Société Suisse des Auteurs SSA 2013 and the New York Atelier Stipendium des Kantons Bern 2013. 


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 «In der Lücke liegt die Möglichkeit zur existenz.» 

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«Alles brüllt nach Spass. Und dahinter verblöden wir.»

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