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My artistic practice moves across a wide spectrum of sound, video, scenic installations, movement, and visual experimentation, both live and virtual. Through the distortion of time, sound, and self-representation, I aim to deconstruct habits of observation, to question who is object and who is subject, and to challenge the viewer's standpoint on supposed certainties.

The works are situated between everyday life and disaster, causing a slight irritation and discomfort through a unique kind of weirdness. and through a constant subtle confusion they create an undefined danger.


Future Bass Future beats experimental deconstructed electronics analog noise beat rap

dark weird feminine energy without compromise. Aiming to create a space for us, the odd beings.

transatlantic flight
Music video clip for Odd Beholder

«In the video, which was directed by Annalena Fröhlich, who also happens to play the main character, we see a chain-smoking stewardess dancing something of a jagged, spasmodic flamenco. It’s a powerful and hypnotic performance that simultaneously evokes famed directors Almodovar and Lynch.»

Music video clip for Gao_Kacirek

"The song comes supplemented with a video by Annalena Fröhlich that focuses on the world collapsing, the arresting incursion of memory, trapped inside a laptop."

collaboration with 

 Peeping Tom 

 Sounds for  

 the hidden Floor  

 (NDT Nederlands Dance Theater)  

 choreography: Franck chartier  

 and KIND by Peeping Tom  

PARK takes place in the vicinity of an amusement park, behind the glittering façade. The boisterous human masses on the site of the nearby park, a cacophony of laughter, show booths, machine noise, and disco tracks are clearly audible. But the audience sees something else. The audience is backstage, and what it sees and what it hears does not match. Sound and image are strangely contrasted. What is absent dominates the action, and the displacement of image and sound creates a strange and idiotic gap. 

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