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 Avantgarde Experimental DJ Live Set 

       oscillating between performance, Dj set and concert.

 Enjoy Deconstruction baby!

JAMES is the alter ego of the multidisciplinary artist Annalena Fröhlich. JAMES deconstructs beats, voice and images and creates a performative body between concert, DJ-SET and statement. Beautifully underpinned with an inviting, aggressive female sexuality.



Dachstock Reitschule Bern, ch


tour vagabonde, Lugano, ch



Festival Sägezahn, vienna austriao

JAMES_PROMO 2023.jpg

JAMES is resident of the collective SHAKTI STREAM founded by transmedia artist DANCE DIVINE A collective that grows from dancing raves, performative DJ sets to solid talks and engagement on feminine awakening. Each creator and performer reveals the authentic strangeness that has marginalized one from visibility in the mainstream. With the clear aim to create space for authentic and endangered otherness.

transatlantic flight_still_porträt james_edited.jpg
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