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the Appartement


PARK consists of two parts.

A prologue/epilogue and a main part. The prologue/epilogue takes place in a nearby apartment and in the Foyer and toilet of the venue. The main part is a stage play with a blackbox situation. More about the Main part you find here.



In the transformed rooms of the apartment the audience meets in small groups the protagonists of PARK. The Setting is more real than the abstract stage of the main part. It's a real apartement just visually very much transformed. All 5 senses are involved. There is a heavy motor oil smell coming out of the bathroom, mixed with the sweet scent of a room spray spreading out from the white room. The Setting is in a way very cinematic. Performers and audience are close to each other. One can get a close insight in this weird, somehow very tragic scenerie. Music can be heard behind a closed door. It's Stabat Mater dolorosa in different Variations. This soundtrack mixed with the scent and the closeness to the perfromers Is an intense and irritating experience. It points out the tragedy and lonelyness of the trapped protagonists and gives an other perspective on them.  

A cheesy two man band, consisting of two performers, plays in the foyer. They play a never ending same song: «Sunny».

The mood of PARK takes in all the rooms of the venue. Even on the public toilets the sound of PARK is present. It's imposible to escape the fun! 


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