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«Alarming, instinctive,
futuristic and poetic.» 

Since 2016 Fhunyue Gao und Annalena Fröhlich  are working on a common artistic vision. On their creative playground they experiment intensively with movement, light, film, sound and scenic installations. The encounter between these multidisciplinary artists creates a performative space that invites the audience on a journey between fantasy, confrontation and fundamental questions about our position in the world. A surrealist dialogue with the viewers emerges. In a constant artistic process Fröhlich and Gao invent and visualize states of being and melancholic spheres in which ambiguous possibilities of space and time arise. They challenge themselves to illustrate the undefined: visually, performatively and musically.


perfromance. SONDER invites the audience to immerse into an associative and slowed down world, and gives a chance to succumb to a fascination for disasters.

SONDER is represented by Julia reist, Bruxelles

 dreams of sleep and wakes of sound

An installtive site specific Performance with live music, created and shown in an empty warehouse. by Merz, Fhunyue Gao, Annalena Fröhlich, Yannick Mosimann, Mirjam Berger

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