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  SONDER is represented by arp: (Julia Reist)
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invites the audience to immerse into an associative and slowed down world, and gives a chance to succumb to a fascination for disasters.

SONDER is situated in a non-place, somewhere close to a aerodrome. It is unclear when everything will implode, if it is even going to happen, or if the catastrophe already occurred. In this suspended state of collapse, the two protagonists are looking for safety and happiness within self made and fragile refuges. Surrounded by a disturbing environment, these shelters seem to be islands of supposed blessedness. They create fleeting images and sceneries, plunging themselves into a space of echoes and illusions.

SONDER is alarming, instinctive, futuristic and poetic.


«The deep-seated urge to hide underneath things at danger and adversity, artfully staged and impressively performed.
 A phenomenological piece of art, minimalistic and yet fantastic:
this was SONDER.»  Kulturstatt Bern Blog, Urs Rhis 

 Premiere 23.-24. März 2018 Dampfzentrale Bern // Past shows: Decoratelier Brussels 2019 //  RHIZOM Festival Rote Fabrik Zürich  //  Espace Libre, Biel Bienne  // Royal Baden 

 Artistic direction, music, performance, scenography - Annalena Fröhlich und Fhunyue Gao 
/ Costumes and Scenography - Romy Springsguth
 / Light Design and Technical Director Mirjam Berger / Coproduction with Dampfzentrale Bern , Decoratelier Brussels  // Thanks to: Zimoun, Tatraum, Hannes Zweifel, Konzert Theater Bern, Pius Bacher, Yannick Mosimann, Matthieu Heiniger, deRothfils, Waldhof Hans Vögeli, Everything is just fine, Julia Reist, Katrien Reist, Decoratelier, QO2 Ludo Engels, Moritz Alfons, Giulin Stäubli, Tonio Finkam, BirdHouse Henri  Wafelaerts, Jean-Bruno Pambeau Sprint Service sprl

 SONDER received the support for a further research from the canton of Berne 


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