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In her videos, fröhlich visualizes themes and statements by mixing and contrasting animation and cinematic imagery with low-fi and contemporary pop videos from social media platforms and YouTube.

 «lonely» 2022  

«LEBENSPLAYLIST» video for theatre piece «Sprache essen Abgott auf oder du arme drecksfutmetzger» by Lydia Hayder / Volkstheater Wien / Director Claudia Bossard / 2022 

«transatlantic flight» video clip for Odd Beholder 2021

«BOWIE» Videoclip for GAO/KACIREK 2021 

«In the video, which was directed by Annalena Fröhlich, who also happens to play the main character, we see a chain-smoking stewardess dancing something of a jagged, spasmodic flamenco. It’s a powerful and hypnotic performance that simultaneously evokes famed directors Almodovar and Lynch.»


« they keep disappearing» short movie 2018  

« SEEKING» 2020  

«transatlantic flight» video clip for Odd Beholder 2021  

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